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Tips From a Personal Injury Accident Lawyer

Justin Ziegler, a Florida personal injury accident lawyer, eases the minds of people making an insurance claim. In the process, he explains two different ways accident claims are reported.

An accident claim is often made by the driver who suffered the most severe injuries.

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However, a lawyer might report the incident to an insurance company for any involved party. This includes passengers, who may also need medical attention.

Some people seek legal representation after an accident for clarification of policy terms. Having a lawyer present also provides verification during the claim filing process.

Verification by a lawyer ensures understanding of all text on papers signed. It also provides an extra set of eyes to confirm that all signatures are complete. This prevents processing delays and increases the chance of a claim being accepted.

During times of high stress after an accident, a lawyer also mediates claim discussions. This is especially helpful if the people affected are experiencing strong emotions.

For instance, some people may be too upset after an accident to know how to handle the claim. A lawyer may gently encourage them to provide necessary information, such as the accident date and description or insurance policy number.

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